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David Arteaga

"Exceptional real estate developments are the tapestries of imagination woven with architectural brilliance, transforming spaces into timeless destinations that inspire awe and elevate the art of living."

-David Arteaga, Board of Director ANCA Corp.

My Story

David  is a distinguished member of the ANCA Corp Board of Directors. With an impressive track record spanning nearly a quarter of a century in the real estate domain, David brings a wealth of experience covering facets like construction, development, multifamily acquisitions, lending, and the revitalization of urban spaces, having managed projects worth in excess of $10 billion. He has also successfully supervised the creation and development of over six million square feet across both public and private establishments.  In terms of academia, David boasts a BS in Facilities Management from Brigham Young University and an MS in Real Estate Finance and Investment from New York University. He has also achieved certifications in Negotiations and Leadership from Harvard Law School, and Real Estate Finance and Development from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Further cementing his credentials, David possesses a B-100 General Building Contractor license, registered in Utah.


Contact me to know more about our projects.

1 (917) 410-5769

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