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ANCA Guatemala

ANCA Guatemala

ANCA's engagement in projects in Guatemala is driven by the country's potential for impactful investment and community upliftment. Guatemala's emerging markets, resource-rich landscape, and improving business climate offer a compelling investment environment. ANCA's commitment to social responsibility is further met by the opportunity to help marginalized communities through sustainable projects that enhance livelihoods, promote education, and provide access to essential services, aligning with the organization's goals of both financial growth and positive social change.

What we do in Guatemala

ANCA collaborates closely with indigenous communities in Guatemala, focusing on elevating their quality of life through initiatives that bolster local commerce, support artisans, and strengthen cooperative financial institutions like Ka-Choch. By empowering these communities, ANCA strives to create sustainable economic opportunities and preserve cultural heritage. As part of its commitment, ANCA is currently engaged in developing a comprehensive master plan for a local community situated along the shores of Atitlán Lake, reflecting its dedication to fostering holistic growth and positive transformation within the region.

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