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What we do

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Welcome to ANCA Corp, where diversity and excellence converge in a dynamic private enterprise. As your reliable ally, we transcend conventional boundaries to provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to the ever-evolving industries of today.

ANCA Corp. is an advisory firm with experience in structuring real estate projects at a national and international level. Our goal is to integrate all the stakeholders in each project to make it a success. Our Market Intelligence division is in charge of doing analysis in every aspect of the development with the available information to formulate the best strategy and mitigate risks. We do technical and fundamental analysis in our operations. Coming from a financial background, our methodology helps to understand investors´ needs.

Real Estate Services: Our committed real estate team turns aspirations into reality, guiding projects from conceptual blueprints to the realization of the final product. Whether it's residential or commercial resort properties, we bring unparalleled design and construction expertise to bring your vision to life.

Architectural Design: Within Lissely Ancira Architects, a subsidiary of ANCA Corp, our fusion of creative minds and technical mastery delivers groundbreaking architectural solutions. Immerse yourself in a realm where aesthetics seamlessly merge with functionality, turning design dreams into reality.

Construction Project Management: At ANCA Corp, we offer comprehensive services to ensure the successful execution of construction projects from inception to completion. Our services include meticulous project planning and scheduling, accurate cost estimation and budgeting, and robust risk management strategies. We handle procurement, quality control, and site management, ensuring compliance with industry standards and safety regulations. Our team facilitates effective communication among stakeholders, manages changes efficiently, and promotes sustainability practices. Ultimately, we ensure projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards, culminating in a seamless handover to the client.

Furniture Craftsmanship: Enter Casa Milan, our cutting-edge furniture factory located in Mexico. Here, we painstakingly craft furniture that complements our architectural designs, ensuring a harmonious blend of style and functionality for your spaces.

ANCA Corp, where expertise, vision, and innovation unite to create the extraordinary. Partner with us and experience the ANCA difference in every facet of design, construction, and beyond.

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