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Welcome to ANCA Corp, where excellence meets diversity in a multifaceted private enterprise. As your trusted partner, we go beyond traditional boundaries to offer a spectrum of services tailored to today's dynamic industries.

Real Estate Services: Our dedicated real estate team transforms dreams into reality, from envisioning blueprints to crafting the final product. Whether it's residential or commercial resort properties, we bring unparalleled design and building expertise to breathe life into your vision.

Architectural Design: At Lissely Ancira Architects, a subsidiary of ANCA Corp, our creative minds and technical prowess converge to deliver innovative architectural solutions. Explore a world where aesthetics meet functionality, and design dreams come true.

Furniture Craftsmanship: Step into Casa Milan, our state-of-the-art furniture factory. Here, we meticulously craft furniture that complements our architectural designs, ensuring a seamless blend of style and functionality for your spaces.

Construction Material Export: ANCA Fortezza, our construction material export company, takes our commitment further. We provide top-quality construction materials, ensuring that every project, big or small, is built on a foundation of strength and durability.

Finance Division: ANCA provides specialized public finance advisory services to governments in Latin America. Their expert team offers tailored financial guidance, covering areas such as budget analysis, revenue optimization, debt management, and infrastructure financing. ANCA's deep understanding of both regions' economic landscapes makes them a valuable partner for governments aiming to achieve financial stability and sustainable development while promoting fiscal responsibility and transparency. ANCA also works private equity funds and private investors to be part of Latin American opportunities in real estate and infrastructure projects. 

ANCA Corp, where expertise, vision, and innovation unite to create the extraordinary. Partner with us and experience the ANCA difference in every facet of design, construction, and beyond."

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ANCA is present in the WTCA meeting in Cartagena Colombia




L.A Architecture is a highly regarded firm known for its outstanding real estate developments in the Caribbean, Mexico, and the USA. With a reputation for innovative design and excellence, they are considered one of the region's top architectural firms, consistently setting new standards in creativity and quality.

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Casa Milan is a renowned Mexican furniture factory known for crafting a diverse range of home furnishings, from kitchens and bathrooms to closets, TV stands, custom furniture, bed frames, and sofas. They seamlessly blend modern and traditional styles to offer high-quality, customizable pieces that elevate any living space with their artistry and functionality.

ANCA Real Estate leads in luxury property development, emphasizing detailed designs for elite commercial, residential and resorts. Committed to quality, ANCA blends innovative designs with top-notch craftsmanship. 

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ANCA Fortezza is a top-tier construction materials company, renowned for providing the best products, including wood, steel, granite, and marble, to meet the demands of any construction project, establishing itself as a leading choice across the industry.

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