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ANCA Management 

ANCA Management LLC is a firm that places its faith in the transformative potential of forward-thinking investments. Our all-encompassing portfolio encompasses Real Estate, Infrastructure, and Venture Capital, characterized by a discerning focus on distinctive prospects that yield substantial value for our esteemed investors.

BTR Fund I LLC is the first in a series of $20 million funds for the sole purpose of building single family rental homes in Southwest Florida.

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Belize Opportunity Fund I is an investment fund that holds real estate opportunities in Belize. The fund is designed to be close-ended with $30 million USD.

MRDF I is a $100M USD close-ended fund designed to invest in residential real estate in Mexico that serves by creating communities in high growth.

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Coahuila Opportunity Fund is $50M USD close-ended real estate with focus on the northern state of Coahuila to develop industrial real estate assets. 

ANCA Ventures is a Venture Capital Fund designed to acquire and structure companies in financial technologies and prop-tech. It is a close-ended VC fund aim to invest $30M USD.


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