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Consuelo Arguelles

"LatAm investments are the seeds of opportunity planted in the fertile soil of diversity, culture, and untapped potential, destined to yield a bountiful harvest of growth, innovation, and shared prosperity."

-Consuelo Arguelles, Head of ANCA Latam

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My Story

Consuelo has more than 25 years of experience in the Public and Private Sector. She is an attorney from the University of Monterrey, in N.L., with a masters degree in Constitutional Law, Administrative and Tax Law from the University of Salamanca, Spain. She has Diplomas in Internet Law Program and Intellectual Property by Harvard University, as well as a Diploma in Banking Intelligence, by Banco de Mexico. She worked with 2 Presidents of Mexico (2000-2012), 2 Governors in Nuevo León (1997-2003) and a Mayor in San Pedro Garza García, Former Coordinator of the Federal Delegates in the Agrarian-Environmental Sector in Nuevo León. She belonged to the LXII Federal Legislature; She was the 1st Woman Lawyer in the history of the GPPAN, as Vice Legal Coordinator. Entrepreneur, on energy issues, technology, as well as immigration matters with more than 10 years of experience in the market. Law Expert Corporate and Former Legal Director of the Holding E.G. Corporation & Worthington of Mexico. collaborated in 2 Public Notaries in N.L., and Coordinated the College of Public Notaries A.C. from N.L. (1997)


Contact me to know more about our projects.

1 (917) 410-5769

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