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John White

"ANCA paves the way to a boundless future, where technology is harnessed not just as a tool, but as a bridge connecting innovation, aspirations, and the limitless possibilities that await."

-John White, ANCA COO and Chairman of the Board

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My Story

Mr. White started his high-tech career with NCR as an account executive selling mainframe computers. In 1975 he joined Silicon Valley-based firm Zilog, a leader in the emerging microprocess market, as an Area Sales Manager. In 1980 Mr. White founded Destek, one of the first companies to develop Local Area Network (LAN) software and hardware technologies. As Chief Operating Officer for Chancellor Computer, which pioneered the use an IBM personal computer as an electronic CAD/CAE workstation, he guided the company through an IPO. Later, Mr. White founded Electronic Design Information Systems (EDIS), a developer of digital libraries for electrical engineers ultimately acquired by Ziff-Davis. Over the course of his career, Mr. White has worked in variety of start-up and emerging high-tech firms engaged in a variety of technologies including artificial intelligence, video compression, free space optics, and Web-based AI diagnostic systems. For the past twelve years he has maintained a business development practice helping companies design and refine their financing and marketing strategies. Mr. White majored in Aviation Technology and minored in Business at Western Michigan University.


Contact me to know more about our projects.

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